Medical Insurance Biller

medical billing and coding

Medical Billing and Coding

Students in our Medical Insurance Biller Program develop a working knowledge of medical billing and coding used in medical offices, medical clinics, and health care centers. Through the dynamics of lectures and computerized billing labs, students gain confidence early in their training before progressing to more complex insurance procedures.

Students develop the ability to correctly process medical insurance billing claims for all major insurance plans including:

  • BCBS
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial Carriers

Students develop competencies in processing billing and coding claims by utilizing ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding references. Students learn to apply medical terminology and appropriate insurance language when abstracting patient information related to physician services and medical diagnoses. Proficiency is gained through application of billing principles.

Students develop skills managing

  • patient charges
  • accounts receivable
  • uncollectibles
  • payment posting
  • electronic medical records (EMR)
  • daily & month-end balancing practices

The software utilized provides solutions for processing medical insurance claims, managing rejected claims, resubmission of claims, and troubleshooting uncollectibles. Internet sites supporting insurance carriers including WebDenis (BCBS), Medicare, and Medicaid are explored.

Students learn the importance of HIPAA guidelines, ethical behavior, and strong verbal and written communication skills, and the influence these skills have on cooperative, professional interaction between the medical biller, physician, patient and insurance carrier. The professional insurance biller adheres to the high standards set for the medical insurance billing profession.

Career Placement

A proficient medical biller is vital to the daily cash flow of a well-managed medical practice, and contributes directly to its financial stability.

Graduates of the Medical Insurance Biller Program are well prepared to meet the challenges of career entry positions in private practices, medical clinics, urgent care facilities and health care centers. Medical employers depend on Carnegie MIB graduates.

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Textbooks & Reference Manuals
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F.A. Davis Medical Terminology Gylys 978-0-8036-3573-3 $84.90
PMIC CPT Coding PMIC 978-1-939852-41-0 $75.00
PMIC ICD-10 Coding PMIC 9781-939852-27-4 $74.50
Carnegie Institute Reference Manual Carnegie Institute $40.60