Mission Statement

Carnegie Institute is a private, postsecondary school of allied health technology. Our mission is to assess areas of need in health care support services for the purpose of developing specialized accredited programs that lead to national certification and professional recognition of our graduates.

For 70 years…Carnegie Institute has demonstrated consistent leadership in allied health education and training.

The Pioneering Spirit…long associated with Carnegie Institute continues to generate program development and dual program accreditations. This commitment not only keeps pace with the needs of health services, but anticipates its needs.

Since 1947, thousands of Carnegie graduates have completed our specialized programs to join working health care professionals in medical offices, clinics, hospitals and related positions in industry.

Carnegie’s time-tested philosophy of education has anticipated training requirements for the allied health support services in Michigan since 1947. Thousands of our multi-skilled graduates are making a difference as quality contributors in a wide range of health career services.