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Externship & Clinical Rotation

Our graduating students have externship/clinical rotation privileges at more than 300 medical facilities and rotation privileges at 55 major hospitals in our service areas.



Externship/Clinical Rotation Training

Externship is an opportunity for a learning experience outside the facilities of the school. Students are placed by school Externship Supervisors at medical offices, clinics, hospitals, health care centers or other areas related to training. These facilities serve as medical affiliates to provide the student valuable patient contact. Here, under the supervision of the physician, clinical staff or business manager, the students experience the daily responsibilities in administering patient care and related support services. Externship for all programs is performed without remuneration during normal week day hours.

Eligibility is determined by the Director of Education in consult with Program Supervisor or Placement Coordinator. Eligibility is based on the student’s readiness for externship placement as evidenced by general academic, practical performance, professional demeanor and attendance compliance.