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75 Anniversary Stories

Rami wishes Carnegie Institute a Happy 75th Anniversary celebration! As a graduate from two programs at Carnegie, the Medical Assistant Program and the Massage Therapy Program in 2009 and 2017 respectively, Rami works full-time as an Office Manager at Get Well Urgent Care! Congrats to you Rami for your professional successes and accomplishments!
Rami S. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2009 and Massage Therapy graduate, Class of 2017
Imani graduated from the Medical Assistant Program at Carnegie Institute in May of 2020 and has been working as a Medical Assistant at Honor Community Health’s Family Medicine Center since October of 2020. Imani states, “Learning at Carnegie Institute was a pleasure, I felt overly prepared to enter the medical field due to the great educational staff. The thing I appreciated most about Carnegie were the instructors. You really feel like they have your best interest at heart. I believe Carnegie is a great starting point for anyone interested in medicine.”
Imani M. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2020
In 2011, Alket P., graduated from the two year Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist Program at Carnegie Institute. Soon after graduation, Alket earned the prestigious RCIS and the RCES national credentials through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). Alket is a Senior Field Clinical Application Specialist for Abbott Laboratories direct clinical support to Cardiac EP physicians in cardiac labs at various hospitals. He maps complex cardiac arrhythmias, facilitates product training and participates in clinical studies and data collection.
Alket P. - Invasive CVT graduate, Class of 2011
I work for premier surgical specialist in Rochester as a Medical Insurance Biller for surgeries and wound care. I also do onboarding for surgeries which includes insurance verification, pre-authorization and clearance for surgery. I also do charge entry in payment posting from patients and insurance companies.
Elaine D. - Medical Insurance Biller graduate, Class of 2020
Medical Assistant graduate from our first part-time, two year, evening program in 1980. Great 2 year program. I have had a 40 year career and currently I am a Clinical Support Manager at a large cancer center in SE Florida. I owe it all to my foundation at Carnegie Institute in Troy.
Susan F. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 1980
I work for Henry Ford Health Services as a Medical Assistant and enjoy what I do! I graduated from the Medical Assistant program in 2019 at Carnegie Institute.
Latita T. – Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2019
Carnegie, Mr. Bennett and the supporting staff have all made a tremendous impact in my life's story. I thank you all so much for the education, experience and opportunity. Truly humbled. “Being a student in the Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist program, I gained confidence, a variety of skills and built a solid foundation for my professional development. The courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Hemodynamics were tremendous assets and are approaches I use regularly in my current role as a Coronary and Peripheral Clinical Specialist. The instructors in each course were patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and highly skilled. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this program to anyone wanting to start or expand their career. Carnegie is a fantastic health technology institute that has truly changed my career trajectory for the best. The experience and education provided by Carnegie Institute has been invaluable to me; It is truly one of the best investments I have made!" Today, as a Clinical Specialist with CSI, I have supported many cases with physicians across 5 states thus far (Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Washington). A testament that one opportunity used wisely can change your life dramatically. Thanks again for that exact opportunity Carnegie. I will always remember my roots! Happy 75th Anniversary Carnegie!
Zaid A. - Invasive CVT graduate, Class of 2020
I do not have any pictures of myself at work. However, since I graduated from the echo program I have accepted a full time position in pediatrics at Ascension St John Children's Center Pediatric Cardiology. I enjoy learning new congenital heart defects each day from the doctors as well as my fellow sonographers. I get the patient's height, weight, EKG, and echo if the doctor orders one. I am also responsible for scanning some documents into the patient's chart when the doctor has completed their note.
Taylor A. - Cardiovascular Technologist graduate, Class of 2019 and Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2017
Kwanae graduated from Carnegie this past year and has already made an impact as a Medical Assistant at Honor Community Health’s Baldwin Health Center. Kwanae says, “I am a proud Carnegie Institute graduate (Class of 2021). I Love my job as a Medical Assistant. I am currently employed at Honor Community Health where I completed my externship and was hired full time afterward. I have used all of my medical skills and I love the field that I am currently working in. Thank you for all of the hands-on experience and support I have received from all of you.”
Kwanae C. – Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2021
I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for my Carnegie Institute education! I have always thought so highly of the education that I received in the Medical Assistant Program, and especially the mentorship that the brilliant faculty were so kind to provide to me. After working as a Medical Assistant for a couple of years, I sought to join my faculty mentors in the profession of Nursing. I obtained my BSN, and spent years working in ER/Trauma. Following my ER/Trauma experience, I decided to pursue a career in education and teaching other nursing students. Most recently, I started a trajectory into nursing leadership and now serve as the Chief Nursing Officer for a rural health system in the State of Washington. I often think back of my time at Carnegie, and feel so grateful for the foundation it provided me.
Chelsea M., RN, BSN - Chief Nursing Officer, Willapa Harbor Hospital, Washington, Class of 2012
I graduated in 2019 from the Medical Assistant program. I’m so happy I chose this program and school. I work at McLaren Macomb Hospital. I work in the Ortho trauma Dept. I have been there for two and half years. Some of the things I do are take out sutures and staples. I get to see some amazing injuries and hear patients’ stories. Some might make you cry some make you laugh. I see patients anywhere for 6 months old to 100 years old. Things may be hard right now with Covid but we find ways to always pick each other up. We call each other family.
Brittany F. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2019
I’m doing very well since I finished the Medical Insurance Biller Program at Carnegie Institute. I have been working as a Medical Insurance Biller for a large Pulmonary office made up of 10 doctors in Rochester Hills. It will be 4 years with this practice in February. I like my job and it was the best decision I made. Thank you to the Instructor, Brenda Gardner! I got my confidence and good guidance from her. I remember her advice and it is always with me.
Blerta N. - Medical Insurance Biller graduate, Class of 2017
Graduate of Carnegie’s Cardiac Electrophysiology Program and a Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES). Manu worked 9 years in Arrhythmia Surgeries before being promoted to the Academic arena. Currently, Manu is a Professor of Cardiovascular Technology at a community college in Canada. Manu states, “I am grateful to have been a part of the Carnegie experience. The faculty and staff were incredible with helping me grow in my personal and professional life. Happy 75th Anniversary”!
Manu S. - Professor Cardiovascular Technology Program at School of Health Sciences, Canada. Cardiac EP graduate, Class of 2005.
Celebrating Karen who graduated in 1993 from the Medical Assistant program, almost 30 years ago, at Carnegie Institute and states, “had a wonderful class and school experience”. Karen’s career was very successful and she worked at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland for 15 years, then moved to Quest Diagnostic for 2 years, Clarkston Medical Group for several years and now is back at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where it all began! We congratulate you Karen for a long and wonderful career in medicine! Thank you for all you do for your patients!
Karen M. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 1993
I was so excited to take what I learned at Carnegie Institute from the Cardiac EP Program and relocate to Colorado. I work at Saint Joseph Hospital and my specialized education prepared me very well for the career responsibilities. There aren’t many schools in the nation that teach this specialty training, so I feel very fortunate that this education opportunity was afforded to me.
Devon R. - Cardiac EP graduate, Class of 2020
"We appreciate our partnership with Carnegie Institute.  As a Cardiovascular Service Line Leader, I know when I interview or hire a graduate of the Invasive or Cardiac EP Program at Carnegie Institute, Troy Michigan, I am getting a well-trained technologist who is very prepared to enter the workforce." “Carnegie Institute students and graduates are well-trained, professionals and are ready to come to work each day and dedicate themselves to their patients and team. I’ve hired 3 graduates in the last few years and would like to hire more”. Pictured from L to R: Erica M. Class of 2020, Jon H., Director, Devon R. Class of 2020 and Leah C. Class of 2017.
Medical Employer – Jon Hoomes with 3 graduates from National Jewish Health/Saint Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado
I am a proud Carnegie Institute graduate, Class of 2011. I loved my days as a Medical Assistant. I am currently a Regional Practice Manager for a busy Pelvic Rehabilitation office. Thank you for all the great hands-on experience.
Debbie C. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2011
I graduated from Carnegie in 2016 as a Medical Assistant and have been working for Henry Ford ever since. I’m glad I took the time to further my education as a Medical Assistant, but I didn’t stop there. I came back to Carnegie to complete the Pacemaker Technician program in 2018 and have been working for a company named Zoll as a PSR ever since. Zoll delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients.
Lakisha H. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2016 and Pacemaker Technician graduate, Class of 2018
Heather has been employed with Honor Community Health for more than a year now and is the Office Manager for its Plum Hollow Center as well as an allied health educator for the company. Heather graduated from Carnegie Institute in 1996 and went on to earn a Bachelor degree and a Master of Health Administration degree.  Heather was a faculty member at Carnegie for 3 years. Heather states, “My Carnegie education is the backbone of my entire medical career. It has opened many doors for me, as employers know that I am dependable, flexible, and able to learn and adapt to the constant changes in medicine. My education at Carnegie made the transition to the educator role seamless. I was able to apply what I learned in a new way, to take my experience and know that new hires are being taught the correct way to perform clinical skills in the office.” Happy 75th Carnegie!
Heather M. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 1996
I work in Neurology at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital as a Medical Assitant. Sometimes I travel to different Henry Ford Neurology locations. I have been in charge of assisting our chief of Neurologist with her botox Clinics, assisted with skin biopsies and occasionally Lumbar Puncture. I also draw blood, inject medications and room patients which involves vitals, screening, and medication reconciliation. I have been in charge of Prior Authorizations for Medications and have assisted with Disability and FMLA paper work. Last but not least I do patient scheduling.
Sandra D. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2019
An alumni from 2006, Lynette graduated from the Medical Assistant program at Carnegie Institute and has been employed for 16 years in medicine. Lynette is the Practice Manager for 6 doctors at a busy, family physician practice. She worked as the Lead Medical Assistant for several years before being promoted to Practice Manager 8 years ago. Congratulations Lynette as we celebrate special graduates, like yourself, for your professional accomplishments!
Lynette B. - Medical Assistant graduate, Class of 2006
Julie Huber, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Heart and Vascular Services, Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak Medical Employer, Julie Huber, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager at Beaumont Hospital, Heart Rhythm Center, Pacemaker Clinic and Non-Invasive Cardiology Lab states that her department is made up of 7 Special Procedure Technologists and 5 are from Carnegie Institute! Two Carnegie graduates pictured are from the Cardiac EP program, Mila and Entela, as they are prepping for an AF Ablation.
Cardiac EP graduates, Mila L., Class of 2018 and Entela P., Class of 2021
I am so happy to have been a part of the Class of 2004 at Carnegie Institute! My experiences there gave me the tools needed for my 17 year long career at the Michigan Institute of Urology! Students at Carnegie were taught to strive to be the best that they could be! I would like to thank each and every one of my teachers! Very much appreciated! Happy 75th Carnegie!
Tennile M. - Medical Assistant, Class of 2004
Happy 75th Carnegie! I graduated from the Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist program in 2017. I was employed at Henry Ford Hospital in the Cath lab in Detroit and decided to relocate to Traverse City. I am currently working in the Cardiac Electrophysiology Department at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City and love it!
Kristen R. - Invasive CVT graduate, Class of 2017

Alumni Testimonals

Sarah Petros
“The instructors are the reason I have come so far and learned all I did.”
Sarah P., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist - DMC Harper Hospital

Class of 2015 (MA) & 2018 (ICVT)
Valentina Kajachi
“Great school, amazing instructors. Thank you for teaching me a lot of important things.”
Valentina K., Medical Assistant – Cancer Care Associates

Class of 2017 (MA)
Steven Hanna
“The hands on equipment made for a good clinical experience.”
Steven H., Cardiology Technician – Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak

Class of2017 (CT) & 2018 (CVT)
Theresa Bryson
“I feel that without this training and direction, I would not have gotten the job in the medical practice where I am currently working.”
Theresa B., Medical Business Specialist - Millenium Medical

Class of 2017 (MBS)
Corey Clifford,
“I feel well-prepared and confident to perform my job in a hospital setting.”
Corey C., Vascular Technologist – St. Mary Mercy Hospital

Class of 2017 (VT)
Emily Turik
“Getting plenty of hands-on experience before placing us in clinicals. Also all of our instructors have taught us well in preparation for student boards and scanning knowledge.”
Emily T., Cardiovascular Technologist – DMC Harper Hospital

Class of 2017 (CVT)
Chantel Simpson
“The strength of the program is the hands-on activities. Best instructors I’ve ever had.”
Chantel S., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist - Henry Ford Hospital-Wyandotte

Class of 2018 (ICVT)
Lyudmila Lysyuk
“Instructors are irreplaceable with profound knowledge. Personal, close classroom setting with great clinical experience.”
Lyudmila L., Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak

Class of 2016 (CEP)
Cyidha Allen
“The quality of my preparation was excellent overall.”
Cyidha A., Medical Business Specialist – Wm. Leuchter, MD, Neurologist

Class of 2017 (MBS)
Nancy Rascol
“Thank you to all the instructors for your dedication in helping me in my classes. You all do an amazing job.”
Nancy R., Medical Assistant – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Laser Center

Class of 2017 (MA)
Ancy Samuel
“The program is very dedicated to bringing the best out of every student. Excellent environment to help students study their material. I loved the program.”
Ancy S., Cardiovascular Technologist - Lake Huron Hospital and Medical Center

Class of 2017 (CVT)
Meredith LeMaster
“I enjoyed the hands-on experience and learning the technical side of EEG theory.”
Meredith L., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2017 (ENDT)
Angelo Mazza
“Instructors are passionate and willing to help anyone at anytime.”
Angelo M., Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – St. Luke’s Hospital, Ohio

Class of 2017 (CET)
Noor Killinchi
“I enjoyed learning about the use of insurance websites and how to work the rejected insurance claims.”
Noor K., Medical Insurance Biller - Antone Internal Medicine Associates

Class of 2017 (MIB)
Barbara Cardasis
“I was prepared for my clinicals and externship. Our classes, especially hands-on, helped me prepare.”
Barbara C., Cardiovascular Technologist – Providence Park Hospital

Class of 2017 (CVT)
Taylor Hautau
“Awesome instructors.”
Taylor H., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2017 (ENDT)
Quratal Ashraf
“Excellent instructors; technical ability and understanding concepts were two strengths.”
Quratal A., Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Health System

Class of 2017 (MA)
Deborah Oliver
“The instructors knowledge is amazing! I felt that I received a top notch education in all aspects of massage.”
Deborah O., Massage Therapy – Aligned Chiropractic

Class of 2017 (MT)
Christine Polczynski
“Everything I learned in the MA program has been right on target with what I do at my job.”
Christine P., Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Hospital Main

Class of 2017 (MA)
Destiny Matthews
“Excellent program.”
Destiny M., Medical Assistant – Cancer Care Associates

Class of 2017 (MA)
Benjamin Freers
“Great Program. You get out of it what you put in to it.”
Benjamin F., Medical Assistant – Continuing Education ENDT Program

Class of 2017 (MA) & 2018 (ENDT)
Stephanie Stergianis
“All of the hands-on scanning at school really helped me prepare for clinicals. The instructors are amazing and very helpful!”
Stephanie S., Cardiovascular Technologist – Chatham Cardiac Imaging Center

Class of 2017 (CVT)
Felicia Fuller
“I recommend Carnegie Institute to anyone who is looking to go into the medical field. You will not be disappointed.”
Felicia F., Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Medical Center

Class of 2017 (MA)
Taylor Adams
“The program gave a wealth of knowledge in how to perform various procedures. Instructors also made sure we understood 100% of what we had to do.”
Taylor A., Medical Assistant – Michigan Heart Group

Class of 2017 (MA) & 2019 (CVT)
Mohi Ahmed
“One of the best schools in the State”
Mohi A., Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Health Systems

Class of 2017 (MA)
Paul Mazanka
“Knowledgeable instructors; well connected to employers.”
Paul M., Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – Genesys Hospital & Medical Center

Class of 2016 (CEP)
Alexandria Roberts
“The program provided me with an understanding of a broad range of cardiovascular diseases, treatments and procedures.”
Alexandria R., Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital

Class of 2014 (MA) & 2016 (CEP)
Joyleni Fleming
“The overall quality of my preparation while in school was very good.”
Joyleni F., Medical Assistant – Academic Cardiology

Class of 2016 (MA)
Kirsten McAllister
“The program prepares you very well for clinicals.”
Kirsten M., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
Elisabeta Novaku
“Excellent instructors and a good amount of practice hours during the program.”
Elisabeta N., Cardiovascular Technologist – Advanced Cardiovascular Clinic

Class of 2016 (CVT)
Aldo Kalemaj
“The hands on practice and review of material again & again were strengths in this program.”
Aldo K., Medical Assistant – Chronic Pain Institute

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2019 (ICVT)
Alexandra Whalen
“Very in-depth program which fully prepared me for externship.”
Alexandra W., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – DMC Hospital

Class of 2016 (ENDT)
LaRissa Malone
“I loved everything about Carnegie.”
LaRissa M., Medical Insurance Biller – Heart Cardiology Consultants

Class of 2016 (MIB)
Elaine Jones
“I was confident going into the work place.”
Elaine J., Medical Assistant – Alliance Health

Class of 2016 (MA)
Danielle Stewart
“This program helps build self confidence.”
Danielle S., Medical Assistant – Mali & Mali Pediatrics

Class of 2016 (MA)
Donald Steffes
“The program prepared me very well for working in the medical field.”
Donald S., Medical Assistant – Beaumont Hospital – Ernst Cardiology

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2019 (ICVT)
Deanna Janoyan
“The clinical practice was very strong.”
Deanna J., Medical Assistant – Shelby Pediatrics

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2019 (VT)
Linda Wills
“Based on my work experience, the clinical rotation and externship are strengths of the program.”
Linda W., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital

Class of 2016 (ENDT)
Civa Mikha

“I was taught excellent communication skills.”

Civa M., Medical Assistant – Somerset Family Medicine

Class of 2016 (MA)
Eva Mikha
“The instructors were always there for us.  The program is perfect.”
Eva M., Medical Assistant – Silverpine Medical Group

Class of 2016 (MA)
Rana Safaya
“Helpful teachers.  Prepared me well for employment.”
Rana S., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital

Class of 2016 (ENDT)
Elaine Harvey
“Based on my work experience, the “marking & measuring” skills were a strength of the program.”
Elaine H., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital

Class of 2016 (ENDT)
Laura Nascimento
“The teachers working in the field makes the program strong.”
Laura N., Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak

Class of 2016 (ENDT)
Alexis Hautau
“I really enjoyed the program.  It changed my life.  I couldn’t be happier in the field that I’m in right now.”
Alexis H., Massage Therapist – Hand & Stone Massage & Spa

Class of 2016 (MT)
Lucian Petrisor
“I found the equipment at school was up-to-date, just like the workplace.”
Lucian P., Medical Assistant – Continuing Education – ICVT Program

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2019 (ICVT)
Cardejah Fuller
“The teachers explain the material very well.”
Cardejah F., Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Medical Center

Class of 2016 (MA)
Elizabeth Lasc
“I loved this year at Carnegie Institute!  People care about you and want you to succeed, I would highly recommend this school to anyone.”
Elizabeth L., Medical Assistant – Continuing Education – Cardiac Electrophysiology

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2018 (CEP)
Marissa Naud
“The extreme push for professionalism and positivity!”
Marissa N., Medical Assistant – Continuing Education - ICVT

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2019 (ICVT)
Michael McDowel-Harris
“Hands on learning through externship was excellent.”
Michael M., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital

Class of 2012 (MA) & 2016 (ICVT)
Rachel Stadler
“Starting the clinical rotation early into the program and the hands-on experience with devices helped prepare me for my job.”
Rachel S., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
Erica Kroneck
“I always recommend Carnegie to others!  Best decision I ever made.”
Erica K., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – University of Miami Medical Center

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
Brittany Martin
“The lectures and hands-on classroom experiences prepared me well for the clinical setting.”
Brittany M., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Beaumont Hospital - Wayne

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
David Hunter III
“The hands on equipment made for a good clinical experience.”
David H., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – St. Mary Mercy Hospital

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
Veronica Ezyk
“Exposing us to the equipment before using at the hospitals was very helpful, and we received a lot of information that prepared us for the clinicals.”
Veronica E., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Wayne

Class of 2013 (MA) & 2016 (ICVT)
Marcel Margit
“The program prepared us to get right in with the other cath lab techs.”
Marcel M., Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – St. Mary Mercy Hospital

Class of 2016 (ICVT)
Meredith LeMaster
“Strong hands on in venipuncture and nursing arts skills helped me when I started my externship.”
Meredith L., Medical Assistant – Macomb Internal Medicine

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2017 (ENDT)
Deni Long
“This program is spectacular, I feel totally prepared to tackle my future as a sonographer because of this program.”
Deni L., Cardiovascular Technologist – Hurley Hospital & Medical Center

Class of 2016 (CVT)
Emily Jones
“This program prepared me for everything I have encountered so far in the clinical setting.”
Emily J., Vascular Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak

Class of 2014 (MA) & 2016 (VT)
Dorothy Stewart
“Lots of one-on-one scan time with instructors and plenty of time to prepare before going to clincial sites.”
Dorothy S., Cardiovascular Technologist – Memorial Hospital University of Colorado

Class of 2016 (CVT)
Taylor Hautau
“Great program! I feel job ready and confident.”
Taylor H., Medical Assistant – Cornerstone Schoenherr Medical

Class of 2016 (MA) & 2017 (ENDT)