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76th Annual Commencement Exercise

Dear Carnegie Institute Graduates:


CARNEGIE’S 76th ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES will be held IN-PERSON on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at 2:00 PM at Troy Athens High School Auditorium, 4333 John R, Troy – between Wattles and Long Lake. 

On this particular day, the academic achievements of our graduating Class of 2023 will be publicly acknowledged. THIS DAY has been PLANNED FOR YOU…AND BELONGS TO YOU and YOUR FAMILY! Capture the spirit of the occasion by offering your full cooperation and participation. 100% attendance is expected. 


Graduation Rehearsal

We have not needed a formal rehearsal in 76 years. This record will be maintained with your cooperation. Additional instruction will be provided by Carnegie Institute faculty and staff at the Troy Athens Auditorium before the start of the ceremony.

On Commencement Day, we will require your full cooperation in the following ways:

> Please be PUNCTUAL 

> ARRIVE at the auditorium by 12:45 PM. Doors will be open to parents and guests at 1:00 p.m.

> Men’s and Women’s dress attire only.

> Wear clean, white scrubs/uniform.

> Wear clean shoes.

> Please do not wear excessive jewelry.

> Forgo wearing perfume or cologne.

> Hair must be up, off the collar.

> Graduates are requested to assemble in the cafeteria to await instructions from the faculty and staff.

> Please pay close attention when instructions are given for the line-up order into the auditorium, seating arrangements, and on-stage protocol.

> Make arrangements before the Commencement Ceremony to secure your personal belongings, i.e., purse and cell phone, as graduates entering the auditorium are free from carrying any items. 

> Remember, no cell phones. Please do not chew gum during the ceremony. 



* The COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY lasts approximately 60–90 minutes. We ask that you limit your guests to adults or young adults. Infants and small children may find this ceremony difficult to sit through.


* Convenient, free PARKING may be found near the football field in the back of the school. Either enter by way of the entrance off Wattles, which leads directly to the back of the school near the auditorium, or enter off John R and continue to the back of the school.

* COMPLIMENTARY ANNOUNCEMENTS for Commencement Exercises are being provided electronically to our graduates. You are welcome to electronically share the good news of your professional & educational accomplishments with your family and friends. 

 * DIPLOMAS WILL BE POSTAL MAILED to graduates who have completed Carnegie training and clinical/Externship requirements and satisfied all indebtedness to the school. The following additional stipulations apply:

  • All allied health program graduates must complete and submit Clinical/Externship paperwork as outlined in our Externship Policy guidelines. The school office must receive a Final Evaluation of the student’s Clinical/Externship proficiency before issuing a diploma.



We are pleased that many of you have been placed in allied health positions before graduation. We also commend others who have taken the personal initiative to select and apply for allied health positions that appeal to them. Motivation and initiative will always be critical to your career success.

Please keep in touch with the Placement Office for assistance and job referrals. Remember that medical employers frequently contact the school’s Placement Office with immediate staffing needs or post-career positions on INDEED.com. Please cooperate with our Placement Coordinator, Denise Ellis, CMA, and follow up on these employment possibilities as soon as they become available.

We recommend remaining at your first job for at least one (1) year. This will help you gain the work experience you need for career promotion and will help establish your record of employment dependability.