Graduate Testimonials


“I really enjoyed Carnegie’s Medical Assistant program and loved the hands-on experience. I especially enjoyed the thorough instruction of EKGs and weekly venipuncture practice.”

Catherine Gray, Medical Assistant – Stoney Creek Internal Medicine

“I loved attending Carnegie Institute. The instructors are actually working in the field which makes a world of difference. This Institute creates a career path for people who are hardworking and take advantage of the opportunities given.”

Sabrina Waatti, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor

“Carnegie prepared me to conduct myself in the utmost professional manner within the therlthcare setting. An excellent program overall.”

Monica Atanasovski, Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor

“The Medical Insurance Biller program is very good, structured and detailed. I think the program is perfect the way it is and would not change anything.”

Carmen Isai, Medical Insurance Biller – Henry Ford Health System, Central Billing Department

“Carnegie Institute is a good school with excellent Instructors who were always present during and after class. I would recommend this school.”

Shamara Colbert, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, EEG Department

“The program was very thorough. Instructors went above and beyond for each student. When I started my externship, little direction was needed because I was so well prepared and learned a lot.”

Sarah Petros, Medical Assistant – Michigan Pain Management

“I felt that the school prepared me fully for the outside world of massage therapy. The Instructors are very personable and they love teaching…and it shows!”

Kelly Petruska, Massage Therapy – Aligned Chiropractic Health & Wellness

“The Instructors have many years of work experience under their belts, and could make this one year, accelerated program, go smoothly. I would never have guessed that in 1 year, I could learn so much.”

Jimmy Najia, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak

“Excellent program overall. The Instructors are great and we get a lot of hands on practice to build our confidence.”

Erjola Gega, Cardiovascular Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital Macomb

“A very good school overall.”

Afia Siddiqui, Medical Insurance Biller – Oakland Physiatry Pain Management

“My education at Carnegie Institute was excellent.”

Kostandina Babi, Medical Assistant – Henry Ford Medical Center, Pediatrics

“The clinical rotations that Carnegie students are afforded, along with a tremendous teaching staff make Carnegie students more prepared for entry into the workforce.”

Shawn McBee, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit

“I feel the Instructors were full of knowledge and experience that they shared with the class.”

Emily Cumbee, Massage Therapy – Proactive Wellness

“All amazing Instructors. The program provided ample opportunity to practice my skills in the classroom and clinical rotations.”

Christopher Cookson, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Windsor Regional Hospital, Ontario

“I loved going to Carnegie. All the Instructors are very one-on-one with students. Course material is well done for students to learn what we need to know.”

Erin Wiles, Medical Assistant – Preferred Family Medicine

“The Instructors are caring and very involved in the progress of each student. They are always ready to help and support the students who need assistance in school.”

Ruxanda Peret, Medical Assistant – Continuing Education, Cardiovascular Technology studies – Carnegie Institute

“I feel qualified to work in the field and appreciate all the encouragement and support of Instructors.”

Wendy Jones, Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – St. John Providence Hospital

“The quality of the Medical Assistant program is excellent. Instructors emphasize the importance of a good work ethic for students.”

Laureta Salillari, Medical Assistant – Michigan Heart Group, Cardiology, Troy

“The Instructors are kind, patient and helped to build up, not just our knowledge base, but our self-esteem. The school massage clinic really helped prepare us for the real world.”

John Vettori, Massage Therapist

“Very in-depth.  Great learning experience.  Explanations were always clear.”

Taylor Wagner, Cardiology Technician – Continuing education

“It was an excellent experience.”

Pietra Storaci, Cardiology Technician – Salahi Heart Center, Rochester Hills

“The instructors gave us realistic situations that we might encounter in our fields.”

Sara Samona, Cardiology Technician – Premier Therapy, West Bloomfield

“Instructors are extremely knowledgeable in their field.  They believe in their students.”

Lidiya Synyutka, Vascular Technologist – MPG Berkley Clinic, Berkley

“Starting the practical early was a great help in preparation for clinicals.”

Emanuela DiCiccio, Vascular Technologist – Wm. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

“Each teacher went out of their way to work one on one with us.   A lot of hands-on time for scanning.”

Aglaia Karaouzas, Vascular Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital, Clinton Twp.

“The teachers are the best I have had in all my past college experience.”

Samuel Chirla, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit

“I like the small class size and the availability of the instructors.”

Nicholas Neumann, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Allegiance Hospital, Jackson

“This was a great program with FANTASTIC teachers.  I would recommend this program to anybody.”

Shannon Via, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor

“I am proud to be a Carnegie student.  Excellent, knowledgeable staff.”

Sean Keegan, Pacemaker/ICD Technician – Michigan Heart Rhythm Group - Troy

“The quality of education is excellent.  I feel very prepared for a job in this field.”

Nicole Gray, Cardiovascular Technologist – Pavilion Imaging, Southfield

“Very thorough training.   Great experience through externship.”

Lindsay Dunlop, Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – St. John Providence Park Hospital, Novi

“Clinical experiences, field trips and guest speakers were very informative.”

Mark Hoenig, Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist – St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor

“Excellent teachers with fantastic health care experience.”

Andrea Aguilera, Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist - St. Joseph Hospital, Ann Arbor

“Carnegie has fully prepared me for my profession.  The instructors truly helped us connect to the cardiac cath lab world.”

Dan Furca, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids

“The knowledge given to me coupled with a strong desire to achieve excellence was the perfect mix for success.”

Benjamin B. Scott, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor

“Instructors provided me with a vast amount of knowledge to help me excel in my program.”

Matthew Ayers, Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist – St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia

“As a graduate I now have the confidence, knowledge and skill for my area of study.”

Kristina Beaver, Pacemaker/ICD Technician – St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia

“The instructors were knowledgeable and available.”

Antoinette Jordan, Medical Business Specialist – Christie Clinic, Champagne, IL

“I absolutely loved attending Carnegie; I tell everyone I know.”

Toni Lynn, Medical Insurance Biller – Troy Internal Medicine, Troy

“Medical Law & Ethics is definitely one of the strengths of the program.”

Arlinda Sheely, Medical Business Specialist – Michigan Institute of Urology, Pontiac

“Teachers do extremely well at presenting information.”

Sean Rafferty, Vascular Technologist – Wm. Beaumont Hospital, Troy